Your lead retrieval system actually did the job we expected. No need for a dedicated computer, or manually merging multiple files. You simply point, click, add your notes, and get an email with the complete spreadsheet of all your leads. Amazing.

Thomas K., Objectivity

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RFID Attendance Tracking


Attendance Tracking | RFID SmartPoint

Attendance Tracking Overview

SmartPoint Specifications

The RFID SmartPoint is the latest addition to Convention Strategy’s line of RFID equipment and is ideally suited as an information request point for exhibit booths. Mount these self contained devices on a wall near marketing
posters, signs or plasmas so that attendees in your booth can scan their badge to request more information.

To participate, attendees can simply hold their RFID equipped badge near a SmartPoint. It will produce an audible beep and flash an LED to indicate that the badge information was read and stored. Each scan is time stamped and stored in memory. The SmartPoint units are consistently transmitting data in real time to the Internet. Applications for the SmartPoint are limited only by the imagination - use them for attendance monitoring, prize drawings, information requests or mini surveys.

This innovative and compact unit can be used to scan attendees with
a 20 plus hour battery life, while storing up to 1,500 scans. The SmartPoint
is so simple that visitors can easily use it without booth staff assistance,
making it the perfect fit for large and bustling shows. Exhibitors also
have the ability to view their in-booth scanning activity on a secure
Internet portal as the show is occurring.

RFID SmartPoint





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