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Your lead retrieval system actually did the job we expected. No need for a dedicated computer, or manually merging multiple files. You simply point, click, add your notes, and get an email with the complete spreadsheet of all your leads. Amazing.

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RFID Attendance Tracking


event data management & ROA

There are three key elements in data management that allow Event Data Management (EDM) to work successfully at an event or conference:

  • Data Collection
    Enabled sessions will provide accurate “real-time” attendance reporting. Ability to monitor and record daily attendance of 2nd Day and 3rd Day Return onto an exhibit hall floor or a ticketed General Session.

  • Data Aggregation
    All underlying data is compiled and coupled with demographic attendee data.

  • Data Reporting
    A variety of reports can be produced to display audited session attendance or what types of attendees visited the exhibit floor as compared to buying power and other demographics.

Return On Attendance
Clients have the ability to harness the Return On Attendance (ROA) from RFID enabled events and conferences. This powerful technology, when implemented properly, will provide phenomenal results to show management allowing detailed analysis of event trends. Before RFID, these types of trends were only capable of being examined through laborious merging of exhibit lead retrieval data or manually extracting data through seminar surveys. Events relying on this type of data find the data to be inconsistent because both data scenarios are constructed through voluntary actions from attendees.

CS recommends a five-year scalable plan for RFID use within events, but clients will begin to see the benefits of using ExpoDemand after the first year of use. Whether it’s from evaluating speakers in relation to an attendee’s demographics, or recording peak exhibit hall attendee activity for future schedule enhancements, clients will have access to invaluable data that will help improve events for attendees and exhibitors alike.

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