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Frequent Questions.

Here are some frequently asked questions if you do not see your question here or need help with anything at all please do not hesitate to contact us.

Simply select your event from the drop down listed on the online ordering page. You may also call 301-656-7521 or email to place your order. 

Yes, the pricing is discounted by cut-off dates (early, advance, and late/on-site). The earlier you order your unit, the better the cost savings.

Yes, you may order on-site, but we cannot guarantee availability. All orders will be on a first-come, first-served basis. We highly recommend ordering in advance to guarantee availability and to take advantage of our discount pricing.

No, deadlines will not be extended per Show Management.

Yes – packages maybe available at your event.  Call 301-656-7521 for more information.

The Convention Strategy service desk is typically located in the exhibitor services area in the exhibit hall.  The service deskis staffed one day before the hall opens and throughout the entire event. 

The major benefit is that your order is delivered to your booth, which eliminates the need to leave your booth during set up. Convention Strategy staff will also assist in the set-up and personal training of your booth staff on how to best utilize the features. In addition, at the end of the show, you don’t have to worry about waiting in return lines. We will pickup your unit at your booth. 

If you purchased the delivery service, we will attempt to deliver the day before the hall opens between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm unless otherwise noted. Once you arrive at the exhibit hall, stop by our booth to schedule a convenient delivery time. Only with special exceptions will deliveries will be made on the opening day of the show. Someone must be present in your booth to take delivery of the lead retrieval system. There are no refunds for undelivered systems if no one was available in your booth to take receipt. 

Email Convention Strategy at or call 301-656-7521.

Lead retrieval units will capture the entire attendee demographic profile that is included on the barcode or RFID tag.  The exact demographics (phone, email, etc…) included could be different for each event and is the decision of Show Management.  For questions, contact Convention Strategy at or call 301-656-7521.

The standard set of qualifiers included with each unit are shown here.

For each set of custom qualifiers, make a copy of the qualifier order sheet (custom order sheet) included in your exhibitor kit and email them to You can also enter them directly on the order page when the order is processed.  Make sure you include your company name, the show you’re attending and your booth number. 

The deadline for submitting custom codes is the late advance date, which can be found on the order form. Fill out the Customer Qualifier order sheet (click here) and email them to Custom codes received after the late advance date are not guaranteed and you may receive a standard unit at the show until the customized unit has been programmed.

Call 301-656-7521 and a Convention Strategy Lead Representative will be able to assist you, or email us at for more information. 

No, if you ordered the ExpoDemand Mobile or ordered a USB flash drive with the Classic or Premier, you can download your leads and take them with you.  For all ExpoDemand lead retrieval units, we will upload your leads to a secure website. You will receive a receipt when picking up/returning your unit that will have the web address and username/password to receive your post-show leads.  Your leads will also be emailed out (Excel format) within 24 hours of the conclusion of the show to the email address on file.

The leads are provided in an ASCII text format (Excel, comma delimited). This format will allow you to import your leads into most software programs. Our tech support staff is available anytime by emailing